PowerSchool 7.7

What’s New in 7.7

PowerSchool 7.7 include major new features that have been highly requested by customers, including Incident import, PowerSchool API improvements, additional security groups, improved security management, Co-Teaching, a drag-and-drop Visual Scheduler, Storing Grades enhancements, Schoolnet data, and more!

Your feedback has been invaluable to Pearson, and helps each new release meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Key Features and Enhancements

Data Import Manager with import for Incidents (7.7) and Student Email (7.6)
Data Export Manager with export for Student Email data set (7.7)
PowerSchool API enhancements (7.7)
Alternate PowerTeacher Gradebook deployment method for Mac OS X (7.7)
Schoolnet for PowerSchool enhancements (7.7)
Security Group enhancements including 500 security group limit (7.6.2)
Smart filter on Student Field List (7.6.2)
Data Import Queue for viewing in progress or complete import jobs (7.6)
Storing Grades enhancements (7.6)
Final Grade Entry enhancements (7.6)
Co-teaching allows multiple teachers to be assigned to a single section (7.5)
Drag-and-drop scheduling with Visual Scheduler (7.5)